• Benefits of our Trading Account

    Used up your annual ISA allowance but have more money you want to invest? Our Trading Account (also known as a General Investment Account) could be the solution.

    • No maximum limit to how much you can invest
    • Build a portfolio of funds to suit you with our step-by-step process
    • UK-based Customer Support should you have any questions
    • Access your investments online 24/7 or using our iPad App
    • No fees to transfer in or out

    All investments carry a degree of risk so the value of your Trading Account can go down as well as up and you could get back less than you invest.

    There's no minimum investment period but you should consider investing for 5 years or more.

    Important documents

    Before you invest please ensure you've downloaded and read these important documents

    Trading Account Key features document Trading Account Terms and conditions Service Terms and conditions Charges information

    How does it compare to a Stocks and Shares ISA?

    No maximum investment limit

    With our Stocks and Shares ISA you can invest up to £15,240 for the 2016/17 tax year. With our Trading Account there's no maximum limit.

    Top up your ISA allowance

    You could also use money in your Trading Account to top up your Stocks and Shares ISA if you have allowance still to use for the current tax year, to make the most of your tax efficient allowance.

    Unlike an ISA, there are no tax benefits

    Any income you gain from investments will be subject to income tax and when you sell a fund you may need to pay Capital Gains Tax if over your annual allowance. Tax benefits may change in the future.

    How do I open an account?

    There are 2 ways to open your Trading Account:

    General Investment Account -  choose funds icon

    If you know which funds you'd like to invest in you can choose them now

    Choose funds now
    General Investment Account - invest with cash icon

    If you're unsure which funds to invest in you can open your account with cash

    Open account with cash

    Why keep cash in your account?

    A little more time to research

    You’ll have a little more time to choose funds after opening your account.

    Move money without withdrawing

    There’s the option to move money out of your investments briefly without withdrawing it – for example, while choosing which funds to re-invest in.

    Earn interest on cash

    You’ll earn a variable rate of interest on any cash in your account. Please see our interest rates page for the current rate.