• Quick Start portfolios

    "Show me some example portfolios so I can build my own selection"


    • 3 example portfolios each with a different asset focus
    • Flexible examples for you to use as a starting point
    • Chosen by Architas*
    • No charge from us to buy, sell or switch funds

    Helping you get started

    The Quick Start portfolios aim to give investors who are looking to build their own portfolios a starting point.

    Architas* has created 3 example portfolios, each made up from their top 100 funds which have been chosen following an in-depth selection process and, in Architas’ opinion, could be considered as part of an investment portfolio. You can use these example portfolios as a starting point to mix and match with other funds to build a portfolio that's right for you. Before deciding to invest it's important that you understand that the selections are just example portfolios; it's up to you to decide which funds are the right choices for your personal circumstances.

    How are the portfolios selected?

    For each example portfolio, Architas* has selected funds which have a specific asset focus, e.g. shares or bonds which, in combination give a balanced starting point. The fund selections within each example are chosen from Architas’* top 100 funds. The example portfolios are reviewed regularly which means they may change over time. In the same way, you should review your investment regularly to ensure your chosen funds continue to meet your investment goals.

    All investments carry a degree of risk so your investment can go down as well as up and you could get back less than you invested. It's also important to remember that your investments can fall and rise in value purely because of changes in currency exchange rates.

    The 3 example portfolios are

    Bond led

    The focus is on funds that invest in fixed interest assets (such as government bonds and corporate bonds) with the remainder invested in funds that invest in property and shares.

    Mixed asset

    An example selection which has a balanced investment spread across funds which invest in a broad range of fixed interest (bonds), property and shares.

    Equity led

    An example selection where the majority of the funds invest in shares from developed markets (for example the UK and USA) and emerging markets (for example India, South America and China). The balance is invested in funds which invest in property and bonds.

    If you think one of our example portfolios might be the right starting point for you, here's what you need to do next:

    • Choose your funds
      Which of the funds in the example would you like to add to your portfolio?
    • Finalise your fund choices
      Choose which other funds you want to add to your basket
    • Check the risk profile of your portfolio
      Do the funds selected match your chosen risk profile?
    • Register and invest
      Once you're happy with your portfolio you're ready to invest
  • *Architas is part of the AXA Group. They are made up of two companies:
    1. Architas Multi-Manager Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are responsible for creating and managing the All-in-One funds.
    2. Architas Advisory Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They select the Quick Start and Favourite funds.