• Standard Life answers some of your questions

    Below, Standard Life has answered some of the questions you may have about what their purchase of AXA Self Investor could mean for you. If you’ve got any further questions please contact the AXA Self Investor Customer Service team on 0800 1522 522. Call rates may vary.


    Who is Standard Life?

    Standard Life is an award winning savings and investment firm in the UK and globally. We’re committed to providing you with savings, investment and insurance products. With around 4.5 million customers trusting us to manage £328 billion of their assets every day, we’ve been helping people prepare for their future since 1825. As part of Standard Life Group, Standard Life Investments is a leading asset manager with an expanding global reach. Investing with Standard Life will gain you access to our significant expertise.



    How can I get in contact?

    Contact details for AXA Self Investor and any account queries you may have are the same. You can login to your account or contact us by calling on 0800 1522 522 Monday – Friday 9am-6pm. Call rates may vary.


    Can I still access my account online?

    Yes, all existing services are available at www.axaselfinvestor.co.uk


    Is there a change to how I make contributions to my investments?

    There are no changes, you can contribute to your investments in the same way as you did before. You don’t need to change any of your existing regular payments and you can use the same bank account details for any one-off contributions.


    Will there be a change to the funds I am invested in?

    There are no changes to your current investments or to the funds available to you. In future, if more funds become available we’ll let you know. Like all companies, we’ll review the range of funds available on the platform from time to time.


    Will there be a change to my charges?

    No, there’ll be no changes for the moment. Like all companies, we’ll regularly review our costs and the services we provide, taking into account changes in the market and our operating costs. If anything should change, we’d let you know in good time.


    Do I need to take any further action?

    No, there’s no need to make any changes to your current arrangements. We’ll let you know in good time if we intend to make any changes to your services in the future. As a leading UK based investment business, we’re committed to the UK financial market and improving the services, products and investments we offer to you.


    Why has Standard Life aquired AXA Self Investor – how does it fit?

    The acquisition builds on our strong organic growth in the UK and is fully aligned to our strategic objective of building a diversified world-class investment company.


    Are my investments still protected by the FSCS?

    As a customer of AXA Self Investor you’ll continue to be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The purchase of AXA Self Investor by Standard Life doesn’t affect this cover as they are both regulated financial services organisations. This means that you may be entitled to compensation from the FSCS if we or one of our third parties cannot meet its financial obligations. For further information such as the protection limits read our FSCS page.

    Past performance is not an indication of future performance